UR5 Robot Arm Manipulation

Project Goal The objective of this project is to use the UR5 robot to perform the classic pick-and-place operation automatically. I will implement a program that allows me to first “teach” the UR5 the position of the start and target locations and then automatically completes the pick-and-place operation using a gripper and several different types Continue reading UR5 Robot Arm Manipulation

3D Reconstructions From Multiple Images Using SFM

  Introduction 3D reconstruction is a process of capturing the 3D geometrical structures of objects shown in 2D images, which is to determine the 3D locations of the points on the object profiles. 3D reconstruction is the core technology of various fields, including computer animation, computer-aided geometric design, medical imaging, virtual reality(VR) and augmented reality(AR), Continue reading 3D Reconstructions From Multiple Images Using SFM