Install Azure Kinect SDK on Ubuntu 16.04

Note: The current SDK version when I started this post is 1.3.0. Currently, the only supported Linux distribution for is Ubuntu 18.04 and due to reasons like some existing projects are built on Ubuntu 16.04 etc.,  it would be nice to have support on these older projects. This post documented what I did to make Continue reading Install Azure Kinect SDK on Ubuntu 16.04

3D Visual SLAM & Path Planning

Project Goal This project focuses on a fusion of monocular vision and IMU to robustly track the position of an AR drone using LSD-SLAM (Large-Scale Direct Monocular SLAM) algorithm. The system consists of a low-cost commercial drone and a remote control unit to computationally afford the SLAM algorithms using a distributed node system based on Continue reading 3D Visual SLAM & Path Planning